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Je signale l'arrivée d'un nouveau petit outil dont je révais : Il permet de vérifier l'usage d'un document media de Commons, à travers tous les projets wikimedia. Selon son auteur, Tim Bartel Wikipedia Check-Usage [1] is a web based tool which can be used to check where commons media is used throughout the wikimedia universe. Also it is able to find "local" duplicates to commons media. Check-Usage is strongly inspired by Arnomane's [2] - a unix shell script doing mostly the same job. Because this script has several preconditions to run, like shell access to a unix/linux system and several programs installed on this machine, I though of writing a small web based interface. After short consideration I decided not to write only an interface calling Arnomane's script, but to re-code it completly. Check-Usage is written in PHP using libcurl. So if you are interested where 'your' pictures are used - give it a try. [1] Check-usage/ [2]


1. Le jeudi, juin 9 2005, 17:35 par Youssouf

Salut Tu connais le projet PointWiki ? Ca pourrait t'intéresser... On en discute le 15 juin

2. Le vendredi, juin 10 2005, 00:01 par Youssouf

Salut Serais tu intéressé par le projet PointWiki ?

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